Natacha Buhler/MSF
Marie (assumed name) is 37. She just delivered a baby boy that she named Alain. Marie had a small beverage business and she used to go the the gold and diamond mines in the forest where she could make a good sale profit. Once, on her way to the mines, she met with the Mai-Mai Simba who threaten to kill her with knives if she refused to be their "wife". She lived with them and other captives in the forest and had the opportunity to escape a year later during an attack of the Congolese army on the camp. She went back to her husband but was 4-months pregnant from the repeated rapes. Her husband repudiated her. She now lives with her older brother, but she is not sure that her sister-in-law will accept her new baby. She hopes to get some money to start a new business and rent a room for her and her baby, but she'll not return in the forest for anything in the world.