Bithin Das
Shanti (name changed) is a 38 year old semi-literate woman living in Mumbai. She has been living with HIV and multidrug resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) for the past 5 years.

Before coming to MSF, she had undergone TB treatment three times, but, instead of improving, each time her health had worsened.

She started her treatment for MDR-TB from MSF Mumbai Project in November, 2010. Given the side effects of anti-Tb medicines and high pill burden, she finds it difficult to continue with the treatment. â??If pill burden is reduced it would be a great relief. It seems that it is the medicines which have become my food now. There are more medicines in my stomach than food. The doctor says that when my weight will increase, the amount of medicines will decrease.â?

Her husband provides her hope and courage to continue with the treatment . â??If my husband were not there I would have left the treatment long ago. It is his courage and faith that keeps me going.â?