Aurelie Baumel/MSF
In one of the hotspot in Zalewa, Cecilia is doing a demonstration on the proper way to use a condom among some “girls”. Beforehand she distributed condoms to the sex workers.

Cecilia Mondar Khanje, 30 years, has been a sex worker for 9 years to support her family and help her sick grand-mother. She’s been working as a peer educator for MSF since January 2015.
Going on as a sex worker is essential for her to keep the confidences of “the girls”. Every week day, she is going in hot spots in Zalewa to meet the sex workers, raise awareness of STI and HIV and distribute condoms and lubricants.
“I’m proud of working as a peer educator: I feel like I’m a good example to the other sex workers. I’m always happy that I can help them because I know I’m part of them, I’m in their shoes. The girls know me, they see me with them every day, and as a result they trust me more than they would trust anybody else. And it’s a very difficult to gain their trust! They know that they can find help if they need it, and I help them find the strength to refuse a client who doesn’t want to use a condom”.