Jean-Christophe Nougaret/MSF
John is only four years old, but he’s pretty tall for his age. He was climbing a mango tree with his friends when he accidentally fell, trying to catch the last fruit of the season. He fell putting both hands first, and broke both wrists. They hurt, but people in his family are stoic, so he didn’t complain much. But after a few days the pain was intolerable—he hardly could move his hands and his wrists were swollen. His parents decided to bring him to MSF in Aweil as they knew he would be treated well. John is strong while he waits without complaint in the assessment room for the team to take care of him. He and his parents answer the questions from the staff, as John slowly moves his fingers. He will have an X-ray and will be transferred to the operating theatre for a further assessment for the need of surgery.