*** Local Caption *** Since the on-start of the conflict in South Sudan, mid-December 2013, according to the UNCHR, more than 1,400,000 persons have been internally displaced and more than 450,000 would have sought refuge in the neighboring countries, amongst which 193,000 in Gambella region, western Ethiopia. Due to the high burden of morbidity and mortality represented by lower respiratory tract infection, and numerous risk factors contributing to spread the disease in the refugee camps (i.e. low vaccination rate in South Sudan, deteriorated nutritional status, high density of population in the camps, etc.), MSF proposed to carry out a PCV and Pentavalent vaccination campaign in the 3 camps of Leitchuor, Kule and Tierkidi, as well as in the entry points and transit sites. The objectives were to prevent PCV and DTP-Hib related outbreaks, and limit the risk of hospitalization due to these morbidities. The first round of vaccination occurred in November and December 2014, while the second round is planned for February 2015, and the third dose of vaccine, when needed, will be administered through the routine immunization program. During the first round, 6,948 doses of Pentavalent vaccine were administered to children between 6 and 23 months and 23,074 doses of PCV vaccines were administered to children between 6-59 months).