Luca Sola
Manuel Costelo, 47, from Matundo. Two of his five children are in the center with him. « During the night my children started showing signs on illness, so I took them here right away, I didn’t trust the other health care centers. »
« In my village many people have heard of this problem and in my family we have all been affected: me, my wife, our children; three of them have already been discharged, and I’m here to watch over the other two. MSF saved all of our lives. »
« I’m sure we’re using clean water at home, we take it only from the public pump. So I don’t know why we’re having cholera, it just can’t be because of a lack of hygiene. We’re careful, but still, we’re getting sick. Without MSF, we’d be all dead. »
In Mozambique only 84% of the people in urban area and 37% of people in rural areas have access to improved water sources. Poor water and sanitation is a main factor for cholera outbreaks. MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières) CTC (Cholera Treatment Center) in Tete district which is the most affected area in the country.