Luca Sola
Melanie Kabura, 33, one of the community leaders, she stands inside one of the mass shelters in Nyarugusu refugee camp. Melanie is HIV positive - - MSF helped facilitate her care with the main hospital in Nyarugusu.

"My husband and six children and I first fled Burundi in 2012 to Tabila camp and were then repatriated back to our country. My husband was killed because of the violence in 2012.

Then my children and I had to flee Burundi again. They were beating people and killing people in the street. I had to leave everything behind, we only came with the clothes we were wearing.

We arrived to Nyarugusu in July 2015.

Here, life is not good. We sleep on the ground. When the rain comes, it is a big problem. The roof is not strong and we are afraid of what will happen. We do not have everything we need, we want to feel safer.

But we cannot return to Burundi because we are afraid. I am tired of fleeing from my country.

What do I wish for the future? My dream is that I could have a job that is paid well so I can look after my children. I want to live in a place where it is stable. But for now, there is no future for my children.”