Robin Meldrum/MSF
Surgical assistant Papa Tanzanie (left) and Dr Ch?ride Kasonga (right) operating on 67-year-old Bosodre Kabandro in the operating theatre at Niangara hospital.

In May 2008 MSF sent an emergency medical team (PUC) to Niangara to response to LRA massacres. The population is still (August 2011) living in fear and there are still tens of thousands of displaced people. MSF supports all the usual functions of the Niangara reference hospital and the Waw? health centre, just the other side of the river. The team was also running mobile clinics to the health centre in Nambia, a 45 minute drive further north, deep in the bush, where those people who choose to stay are much more vulnerable to LRA attacks. This mobile clinic has just been converted into full regular support of the health centre.