Charlotte Morris
Bernadette Ammaji, 37, works as a cook at the MSF intensive care unit in Bokoro town. She prepares food for the mums and ill children.
“There is a clear difference between what the women eat here and what they eat at home. When they arrive here I prepare good for them. They eat and a few days later you can see they start changing. They start putting on weight.”
She usually prepares meat with rice, spaghetti, macaroni or beans for lunch and dinner. “At home, many of them don’t have the means to buy this kind of food. The food is good for the children, it’s good for the mums. Often mums arrive here and they don’t have enough breast milk. But when they start to eat well, they start to produce more milk.
“It’s serious for children here. Some mums don’t have the means to be able to feed their children. Others do, but they fail to take proper care of them due to a lack of education about hygiene and nutrition. You need to be strong and brave to care for a child here. It’s not easy”