Charlotte Morris
Benedicte Latoumbayle, 28, is a nurse from Bokoro. She works at the MSF intensive care unit for malnourished children in Bokoro. She’s been working with MSF in Chad for the last three years.
“There is a serious problem in this region with malnutrition. Partly it’s because of harmful customs and traditions. Some mums here say that when their child is born their breast milk isn’t any good. They think it will harm future children in their womb. To fight malnutrition here, education is key. Women need to know how to look after their children.
“I arrive early in the mornings and check all of the children’s vital signs. We do this every hour as many of these children are very ill. From the moment I come I’m very busy. I don’t get to sit down. If you waste any time, this can have terrible consequences for the health of the children. A malnourished child that isn’t well can fall into death very quickly.
“It’s miserable to see so many children suffering in front of you but it’s also this that motivates me to keep going and to help them.”