Charlotte Morris
Zara Abba, 32, from the capital of Chad, N’djamena, has been in the MSF intensive care unit in Bokoro town for four days. She is there with her granddaughter, Katalma Moussa who is two years old.
Zara Abba was visiting Bokoro to pay her respects to a family member who'd died when her granddaughter fell ill. “She hadn’t put much weight on for a while and then she started to get diarrhoea and her health got even worse. She hasn’t had any energy to be able to play with other children.”
“This is my daughter’s first child. She’s still in N’djamena but I’ve been speaking to her every day. She calls to ask about the health of her daughter. I say her daughter is getting better. MSF have gone above and beyond to help your daughter. They’ve worked really hard.”
Zara Abba also has a two year old daughter of her own. “I would travel all the way to France for my children’s health.” She says. “I have given birth to 15 children. Seven of them have died and eight are still living. Two of them were twins and they died on the same day they were born. The others, I don’t know why, it was God’s choice.”