Louise Annaud/MSF
Tripling the number of children admitted while keeping the same level of care... that’s a recurrent challenge for MSF teams in Niger. The rainy season corresponds to the lean season, therefore malaria and malnutrition peak coincides. For children in particular, it is the most difficult period of the year and represents a real fight for survival.
This chronicle crisis is being prepared months in advance. This year, MSF strategy has been to open an autonomous pediatric unit in Dungass, two hours ride from Magaria city. Thanks to this center, the hospital bed capacity for children in the region has been scaled up to 700 beds. The fully functioning hospital, built in a few months on a stretch of sand, successfully managed to function as a buffer during the peak. More than 200 staff, essential medical doctors and nurses, have been recruited and trained.
In September 2016 only, about 2500 children were admitted in MSF supported hospitals of Magaria region.