Rachel Corner/De Beeldunie

Ten year old Tanya, who is HIV positive and unable to walk, is cared for by her father and with the help of her neighbor Florence who she calls ‘Mama’. Her mother died in 2010.

Tanya, her brother, and her father, Life, live next door to Florence. The bubbly young girl, who has never been to school, requires the aid of a wheelchair or crutches to move around.

“Before she started her HIV treatment - you would not imagine she would be the young girl she is now. She was underweight, she was not developing properly. Once she started treatment, her health began to improve,” her father says.

Curious and social, Life says Tanya is desperate to go to school. Tanya spends most days at home with Florence though, whilst her Father searches for work. With an official unemployment rate of 95 per cent, and no job, Life is unable to pay for Tanya’s education.