Aurelie Baumel/MSF
Bintou Kadiri, 8 years. It weighs 12.8 kg. His father is a farmer. His family lived in Kattere but she fled to Gajigana four months ago. Since one year, Boko Haram men came regularly to their villages to loot, but they never attacked the village. Therefore, people didn’t leave and the army is not present in the village. Boko Haram took their cows and 20 goats, together with food and money. In Gajigana, they live with relatives. Bintou is suffering from severe acute malnutrition (marasmus) and acute gastroenteritis, hypoglycemia and dehydration. He was hospitalized for two days to nutritional treatment center of Gwange in Maiduguri. The family left him with what remained of food, they had grown. But these reserves are coming to an end.