Peter Bauza
Barbara Callahan, an American Nurse Anestethist decided after her lifelong work in excellent hospitals in the US, that she wanted to follow her basic dreams, “a humanitarian service”. After her retirement she went to an MSF lecture and knew immediately that this was what she dreamed about. She got hired and says today proudly “I needed to get out and here I saw in six weeks more than in my whole life. I can definitely help and even the most affected burned kids, started to trust me. I love them all”. An anesthetist works only for 6 weeks on their assignments, as per the rules. But 6 six weeks are comparable to several months as they have to just in time 24/7. “There is no break, when we are needed at 3 a.m. we do our job”. Actually, they trying to remove an abscess from a little recently born kids in the operation theater of the MSF Hospital in Aweil, South Sudan, Africa. “He has a good chance to make”, Barbara says.