Living Conditions in Taiz - Yemen
Raghad, a 10 months old little girl, is at the ambulatory therapeutic feeding centre in the MSF Mother and Child Hospital in Al Houban, Taiz, for the fourth time. Her father, Khaled, who works in a metal workshop, brings her in once every week, to be controlled and to get therapeutic food for her for the next week. This time, also one of her brothers, Amer, four years old, is with them.
Two months ago, Raghad’s mother fell sick, and there was no one to take care of Raghad. The mother was too weak to breastfeed her. Her mother needed surgery, and was hospitalized at a private hospital. The family could not afford it, but a rich businessman supported her treatment. The mother is still in the hospital, recovering. Raghad became sick, like from a flu, and became very weak. When she was admitted to the ATFC, nine months old, she weighed only 5,5 kilo. After her mother was hospitalized, her aunt have been taking care of her, feeding her some rice and artificial baby milk. But the milk is hard to find now, and it’s very expensive. Last week, they could not find any.