Mental Health: Rohingya Trauma and Resilience - Mohammad Story
BANGLADESH 2018 © Robin Hammond
18-year-old Mohammad Muslim came to Bangladesh from Myanmar's Rakhine state in early September. “We had to come because the Myanmar government was torturing us,” he says. “They were looking for young men and boys. They tied them up and threw them in the river. They drowned. The beautiful women, they raped. Those who were not beautiful or who were old, they would kill with a knife. I saw this with my own eyes.” Witnessing these traumatic events has had a profound effect on Mohammad: “I’m not feeling well inside my body ... I used to eat well, sleep well before, but not now. My head, chest, even my nails start shivering ... I keep thinking of those things. Whenever I think of my country I am not peaceful... my nerves start hurting in my neck.” He continues: “I feel sick whenever I think of my country and that makes me sad.”