June 11, 2014


Cholera is now increasingly affecting many people and killing children, especially. When my child started vomiting and had diarrhea, I suspected it to be cholera. I had to tell my husband immediately to rush us to the nearest cholera hospital in Gudele, run by MSF. When I arrived here this morning, we were directed to the observation room to register. My son was very weak. He was put on a drip and given oral rehydration solution. I hope my son will get better. It is the first time my child has been affected by and treated for cholera. My other three children are all fine. At home we eat normal food and drink usual water; I do not understand how my child got cholera.’’

Kiden Margaret's baby, John, started showing signs of cholera – an upset stomach, vomiting, crying, and not wanting to eat, at 4am on Friday morning.  His parents brought him to the cholera treatment center (CTC) in the Gudele 2 neighborhood of Juba, where he is now being treated. There has been a slight improvement in his condition, but the two-year-old is still vomiting, has diarrhea, and is visibly distressed. 

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