June 11, 2014


‘’When I started experiencing the signs of vomiting with slight diarrhea, I feared that I might die of cholera because I had no money for treatment.  I am happy that MSF is providing us with cholera treatment. When my family told me about this Gudele 2 center, that no money had to be paid for treatment, I came straight away and now I am here being treated freely. I am happy the vomiting has reduced and diarrhea has stopped. I am getting well. I would like to say to everyone: you should keep good hygiene!

Alice John lives in an area of Juba called Kafu - an hour’s walk from MSF's cholera treatment center (CTC). When she began experiencing symptoms of cholera - stomachache and vomiting - her family members directed her to the CTC in Gudele 2 neighborhood, where she is now receiving treatment with oral rehydration solution. No one from her family is taking care of the teenager at the moment, but the MSF team are tending to her.

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