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October 03, 2012

In August 2012, MSF handed over its last remaining project in Sri Lanka to World Vision, an established international NGO with a long-term operational plan for the north of the country. 

April 03, 2012

After 18 months of activity, the MSF mental health program in Kilinochchi district closed in April 2012.

March 01, 2012

MSF is concerned about an interview suggesting that it was present in 2009 in Sri Lanka's war zone.

December 11, 2009

Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is still providing surgical and medical health care to the displaced people in Vavuniya district, northern Sri Lanka. Some war-wounded need specific medical care, like orthopedic surgery, and around 95,000 people remain in Manik Farm camp. Additional medical capacities could be needed in the areas of return, as a result of the resettlement process.

September 24, 2009

The Ministry of Health of Sri Lanka has expressed its dissatisfaction with MSF’s recent update of August 13, 2009, in that it has not given an overall picture of the effort deployed by the Health Authorities during the emergency to ensure health-care provision for the displaced in the camps located in Vavuniya district.

July 13, 2009

Seven weeks after fighting ended between the Sri Lankan army and the Tamil Tiger rebels, fewer patients are arriving at the hospitals, but their numbers still exceed bed capacity.

June 04, 2009

While Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Health has set up a system to provide initial treatment to the wounded and sick people in displaced persons camps, the needs remain immense, requiring an around-the-clock medical presence in the camps to respond to all emergencies.

June 03, 2009

MSF, Ministry of Health doctors and nurses, and Red Cross Society volunteers quietly move from patient to patient housed under six temporary structures. Most of the patients have several dressings that need to be changed regularly. In a small room in the hospital, MSF surgeons and anesthetists carry out surgical procedures such as skin grafts and wound closures.

June 02, 2009

The situation remains extremely serious inside the hospitals and for the 269,000 displaced people in Vavuniya District.

May 26, 2009

MSF teams have been providing medical services day and night at different locations in Vavuniya district, including the hospital in Vavuniya city and at the checkpoint in Omanthai, close to the former frontline.