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December 26, 2012


December 12, 2012

Over the past half century, there have been unprecedented improvements in health outcomes, spurred in part by unparalleled scientific progress in the pharmaceutical sector. Yet access to the benefits of medical progress and scientific advancement has not been equitably shared and many innovation gaps remain.

December 03, 2012

Over the last few years, new vaccines to fight an increased range of childhood diseases have come to market.

December 03, 2012

Vaccinating with new vaccines should save many more lives, but high prices could prevent this from happening.

December 03, 2012

Immunization is one of the most effective ways of saving young lives, yet every year one in five children born—22 million—is left without this basic protection from disease.

November 21, 2012

MSF International President, Dr. Unni Karunakara, in his keynote speech at the 2012 Universities Allied for Essential Medicines conference:

October 15, 2012

In this article, originally published on the Huffington Post, MSF pediatrician Susan Shepherd discusses the reduction of childhood mortality in Niger and strategies to reduce it worldwide.

October 09, 2012

What does accountability mean, in practice and principle, for MSF?

August 21, 2012

An open letter to Joe Jiminez and Daniel Vassella, the CEO and President of Novartis, respectively.