September 28, 2009

On August 19, two attacks in Baghdad killed 95 people and wounded nearly 600. These two particularly deadly attacks were a startling reminder of the violence borne by the Iraqi people since the start of the war.

April 15, 2004

Rony Brauman & Pierre Salignon discuss war and humanitarian aid.

November 09, 2003

In the wake of the attack on the ICRC, MSF's seven international staff in Iraq have relocated to Amman, Jordan, where they will evaluate how to continue MSF's work in Iraq against the background of ever-increasing violence and confusion of roles.

May 05, 2003

MSF is concerned about the impact the escalating war against Iraq will have on those in Iraq and neighboring countries.

December 09, 2002

With world attention focused on a possible US-led war on Iraq, MSF is considering the possible impact that such a war might have on the civilian population of the country. By Nicolas de Torrente, Executive Director MSF-USA