October 09, 2012

What does accountability mean, in practice and principle, for MSF?

May 21, 2007

An Interview with Dr. Jean-Hervé Bradol, president of Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières in France.

September 24, 2004

by Nicolas de Torrente, Executive Director MSF-USA

Excerpted from article published in Ethics & International Affairs, Volume 18, No.2, (Fall 2004), published by the Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs. Click here for the complete article.

April 15, 2004

Rony Brauman & Pierre Salignon discuss war and humanitarian aid.

November 09, 2003

In the wake of the attack on the ICRC, MSF's seven international staff in Iraq have relocated to Amman, Jordan, where they will evaluate how to continue MSF's work in Iraq against the background of ever-increasing violence and confusion of roles.

June 14, 2003

For the last year and a half, 32-year old Gabriel Trujillo has been the Head of Mission MSF programs in Moscow and the North Caucasus, managing programs for the nearly 150,000 displaced Chechens living in Ingushetia.

January 14, 2003

Terry is Director of Research at Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) in Paris. In this Q & A, she discusses the possible negative effects of humanitarian intervention.