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Save Asylum: Stand with survivors

Thanks to all of you who took action to protect asylum seekers!

The Trump administration has issued a new immigration rule that would force tens of thousands of vulnerable people back to danger.

Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is strongly opposed to the proposed policy changes, which would end the United States asylum system as we know it. MSF submitted a public comment calling for the withdrawal of this rule: Procedures for Asylum and Withholding of Removal; Credible Fear and Reasonable Fear Review. And we encouraged supporters to take action. Every unique public comment helps stop this devastating new rule from taking effect.

***The deadline for public comments was July 15. This action is now closed.***

The Trump administration's proposed new rule would end the asylum system as we know it


MSF opposes proposed US rules to shut out asylum seekers

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July 10, 2020—We’re asking you to join us and submit a comment to express your concerns, in your own words. Asylum is not a legal loophole or a way to game the immigration system. It exists because, for some people, home is a death sentence. This proposed rule upends existing US and international refugee laws protecting the right to seek asylum.

MSF has provided medical and mental health care to thousands of people forced from home as they made their difficult journey north through Mexico toward the US. We have treated survivors of torture, assault, and abuse. Patients we have cared for along the migration route tell us they fled their home countries out of fear for their lives. They deserve a fair hearing in court and a chance to find safety. That's why we're calling on the Trump administration to withdraw this inhumane and unacceptable rule.

How to add your voice to protest this rule 

Below is a sample comment you can use as a guide. It is important that you DO NOT copy and paste this text into the comment form. The government will only review and respond to unique comments. It is more powerful to use your own voice, speak from your personal and professional experiences, and express your views about why it’s important for the US to uphold the right to seek asylum. See more tips for submitting effective comments.


  1. Review the example below.
  2. Write your own unique comment. 
  3. Save a copy of your comment.
  4. Submit your comment via the regulations.gov portal. ***The deadline for public comments was July 15. This action is now closed.***

No Way Out: Special report on migrants and asylum seekers trapped in danger

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Example comment:

I oppose the proposed changes to our asylum system and ask for the Department of Homeland Security and Department of Justice to completely withdraw this proposed rule.

I have serious concerns about the US administration’s efforts to dismantle the current asylum system. The proposed rule would redefine persecution, torture, and membership in a particular social group to further limit access to protections for vulnerable people. Survivors of gender-based or gang violence would be turned away. New regulations present even more obstacles to asylum seekers who have suffered so much.

[Describe who you are and why you care about the US having a fair asylum process. Share experiences from your work/affiliations, if applicable.] 

I have seen reporting by Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) about the harmful impacts this rule would have on people forced from home. MSF is an independent medical humanitarian organization that provides care to people affected by crisis and conflict around the world. MSF has collected testimonies and medical data from its work in Central America and Mexico showing that many people are fleeing high levels of violence comparable to conditions in a war zone. 

[Add anything else you would like to share.]

People fleeing violence deserve protection and care, and, at the very least, a fair chance to seek asylum. 
This new rule abandons asylum seekers and forces people back to danger. This is an inhumane, unacceptable rule that threatens people's lives.

[Your full name is required, but we would advise against submitting contact details or other personally identifying information as your comment will be made public.*]



* Any interested person is allowed to submit a comment on the rule. Comments submitted through the portal are sent directly to the Department of Justice and Department of Homeland Security. Your full name is required, and submitting other personally identifying information, like your address, is optional. You can choose to keep your name and other information from being posted online by including the words “PERSONALLY IDENTIFIABLE INFORMATION” and including the specific information you want to keep from being posted online. Otherwise, all information included in your comment will be available to the public.

***The deadline for public comments was July 15. This action is now closed.***