A charitable remainder trust allows you to make a significant gift towards the future of MSF's work while providing an income for yourself and family or friends.

How a Charitable Remainder Trust Works

You transfer cash, securities, or other assets to a trust. The trustee invests the assets, and the trust pays income to you or to individuals you name for life or for a term of years. When the trust terminates, MSF receives the remainder.

The trust may be a Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust (fixed payments) or a Charitable Remainder Unitrust (fixed percentage).

Benefits of a Charitable Remainder Trust

  • Income for life or a term of years
  • A current charitable income tax deduction for a portion of your contribution
  • Capital gains tax savings if you fund the trust with appreciated assets
  • Reduction in your taxable estate
  • The satisfaction of making a significant gift to MSF, helping to ensure the future of our programs.

To learn more, please contact your attorney or accountant, or contact Beth Golden, Planned Giving Officer, at 212-655-3771 or beth.golden@newyork.msf.org.

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