Please read through our Donation Frequently Asked Questions.

  • 01. Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

    If your contribution was a one-time donation you will receive an official printed acknowledgement/tax receipt via postal mail approximately 3–4 weeks from the date of your gift (for an online donation you will receive both an email confirmation and an official printed acknowledgement/tax receipt).

    If you are a member of our Field Partner program, giving monthly via direct withdrawals from your credit card or bank account, you will automatically receive a tax receipt for your cumulative annual contributions at the end of each fiscal year (customarily during the last week of January/first week of February).

    If you have not received your acknowledgement letter/tax receipt within the time frames listed above, please phone Donor Services at (212) 763-5779. Please provide your full name and mailing address as it appears in our records so that we are able to locate your account. Once we find your donor record and the record of your gift(s) we will mail your tax receipt straightaway.

    If you make a contribution of stock, we will receive your gift without your contact information. To ensure that we can properly acknowledge your donation, please send an email, with your name, address, and the details of your stock gift, to

  • 02. Can I donate supplies as an in-kind donation?

    Doctors Without Borders is unable to accept donations of supplies. Because the key to saving lives in an emergency is speed, it is our practice to have prepared, specialized, and uniform kits and other materials that are ready to go in the event of an emergency. Doctors Without Borders does all of the purchasing for these kits in advance and therefore cannot accept in-kind gifts such as medical equipment, drugs, food, or other materials for its operations.

    For information on suitable charities that accept gifts in-kind, we recommend visiting

  • 03. Is Doctors Without Borders a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization? Is my donation tax-deductible?

    Doctors Without Borders USA, Inc. is recognized as tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. 100 percent of your donation is tax-deductible.

    Our Federal Tax ID number or Employer Identification Number (EIN) is 13-3433452. You can also view additional financial information about the organization.

  • 04. Can I donate in a currency other than US dollars?

    Doctors Without Borders USA can only accept gifts in US dollars.

    Doctors Without Borders has offices in 19 countries, so you may be able to donate in your local currency. Find an office near you.

    If you still wish to donate to Doctors Without Borders USA you may be able to give in US dollars using a credit card. See our donation options.

  • 05. Can I earmark my donation for a certain area/project?

    We appreciate your interest in supporting our programs. While it is possible to have your gift directed toward a specific program or country where we are currently working, we ask that you contribute unrestricted funding. By not restricting your contribution for a specific emergency or project, you will enable us to allocate our resources more efficiently and where the needs are greatest.

    The ability of MSF teams to provide rapid and targeted medical care to those most in need in more than 60 countries around the world—whether in the media spotlight or not—depends on the generous general contributions of our donors worldwide. MSF would not have been able to act so swiftly in the hours that followed the South Asia earthquake in October 2005 or in response to the emergency in Myanmar in May 2008 if not for the ongoing general support from our donors.

    Should you still wish to restrict your donation please indicate the specific program or country when making your contribution.

    In order to restrict an online donation, you must send an email to after your transaction is complete. In your email, please tell us to which country or program you would like the funds directed. Please include your name, full address, the amount of your donation, and your donation confirmation number so that we can locate your record.

  • 06. Can I limit the amount of mail I receive?

    We can send you mail as often as you would like. We can limit the mailings to quarterly, twice a year, just once a year, or none at all. Simply state your preference when making your gift or send an email, with your name, address, and mail preference, to

    Please note that due to our mail production schedule it may take up to 6-8 weeks for this request to take effect.

  • 07. Can I give through a donor advised fund?

    Yes.  There is more information available about Donor Advised Funds here.
  • 08. Can I hold a fundraiser for Doctors Without Borders?

    Thank you for your interest in organizing a fundraising event for Doctors Without Borders. Fundraising events are a fun and interesting way for you to support and raise awareness of our work in more than 60 countries around the world. We appreciate your efforts on our behalf. See our detailed information on how to organize a fundraiser for Doctors Without Borders. For additional information and to discuss ideas and plans for your event you may contact us at (212) 655-3759 or at

  • 09. Can I make a gift of stock?

    One of the most advantageous ways to donate to Doctors Without Borders is with a gift of stock. You can give appreciated stocks to Doctors Without Borders simply by transferring them into our account. The total value of the stock upon transfer is tax-deductible, and you will not be obliged to pay any capital gains taxes on the appreciation.

    If you wish to donate stock, visit our stock donation page for detailed information and instructions.

  • 10. Can I make my donation as a tribute in honor or memory of someone?

    It is possible to make a donation in memory of someone or to commemorate a holiday, birthday, wedding, or other special occasion. At your request, a letter can be mailed to the gift recipient as notification of your contribution to Doctors Without Borders.

    Please note that it can take up to four weeks for a tribute notification letter to reach the recipient. If you wish to send immediate notification of your gift, please consider making your contribution via e-card.

    Visit our tribute donation page for a list of all tribute contribution options.

  • 11. Does Doctors Without Borders have a Major Giving program?

    Doctors Without Borders’ Major Gifts program considers anyone giving a total of $5,000 or more within one calendar year to be a major donor. To learn more about this program, please visit our major giving page.

  • 12. Does Doctors Without Borders offer planned giving?

    Doctors Without Borders has a wide range of planned gift options for you to choose from including bequests, charitable gift annuities, charitable trusts, and retirement assets. Making a planned gift to Doctors Without Borders helps ensure our ability to respond to the challenges we will face in the future.

    To learn more about the various planned giving options available, please contact Beth Golden at 212-655-3771 or at You may also visit our planned giving page for further information.

  • 13. How do I join Doctors Without Borders’ Field Partner monthly giving program?

    As a Field Partner, you provide ongoing support to our teams in the field with a monthly gift. It's simple. Each month your contribution is automatically transferred from your credit/debit card or bank account to Doctors Without Borders.

    You can register to become a Field Partner monthly donor online, by mail, or by phone. For more information please view our Field Partners page.

  • 14. How do I update my Field Partner monthly giving financial information?

    If your monthly gift is charged each month to a credit or debit card, please call us toll-free at 1-888-392-0392 to update this information. Our toll-free number is available 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., 7 days a week.

    If your monthly gift is withdrawn each month from your checking account, we must, for your security, receive both a voided check from your new account and a signed note authorizing this change. You may send these via fax to 212-679-7016 to the attention of “Donor Services” or by mail to:

    Doctors Without Borders USA
    PO Box 5030
    Hagerstown, MD 21741-5030

  • 15. How much money does Doctors Without Borders raise? Who does this money come from?

    In 2015, the revenue of Doctors Without Borders USA was close to $335,780,737 million—all of this raised through private contributors, such as individuals, foundations, and corporations. Private support is essential to our ability to operate independently and to respond at a moment's notice to the most urgent emergencies, often in countries and regions that are otherwise forgotten.

    Doctors Without Borders has not received or solicited funding from the US Government since 2002. Internationally, we limit government funding to less than 20 percent of total funds raised. We strive to keep this figure as low as possible.

    Doctors Without Borders USA does not accept money from pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, extraction industries (such as oil, natural gas, gold, and diamonds), alcohol and tobacco companies, or arms manufacturers. Doctors Without Borders will not accept contributions from corporations/industries and their respective corporate foundations whose core activities may be in direct conflict with the goals of the medical humanitarian work of our organization, or in any way limit Doctors Without Borders' ability to provide humanitarian assistance.

    Read more about our Corporate Gift Acceptance Policy, or view our U.S. Annual Report.

  • 16. What percentage of a donation goes to program activities?

    Doctors Without Borders strives to operate efficiently and to minimize fundraising and administrative costs. Between 1995 and 2014, Doctors Without Borders USA allocated more than 85 percent of its expenditures to its program activities. Maintaining this standard is a high priority. In 2014, more than 88 percent of our spending was directed toward our program services.

    Doctors Without Borders USA meets the standards of watchdog agencies, having consistently been awarded an "A" rating from the American Institute of Philanthropy.

    View a copy of our most recent U.S. Annual Report or Financial Information, which includes more specific information about how we spend funds raised.

  • 17. When will notification of my tribute gift be received?

    It can take up to four weeks for the notification of your tribute gift to reach the recipient. If it has been longer than four weeks, please send an email to

  • 18. Will Doctors Without Borders accept a matching gift from my company?

    If you or one of your family members works for an organization with a matching gift program, you can double or even triple your gift.

    Check for a match and donate directly through our website.

    Because each company has a different set of instructions for matching an employee gift, please see your company's Human Resources Department if you still have questions about their matching gift policy. Doctors Without Borders is happy to confirm your gift or to satisfy any other requirements your company may have.

    Please direct all correspondence regarding your matching gift to:

    Doctors Without Borders
    Matching Gift Program
    PO Box 5030
    Hagerstown, MD 21741-5030

    Please note that MSF has a Corporate Gift Acceptance Policy and is unable to accept donations from some companies. For additional information, please read our Corporate Gift Acceptance Policy.

  • 19. What is the Multiyear Pledge Initiative and how can I join?

    The Multiyear Pledge Initiative is a giving program which encourages supporters to make significant long-term commitments to Doctors Without Borders. To join this initiative, donors are asked to pledge a minimum of $5,000 per year for a three-to-five year period. The predictability of these funds helps to ensure the continuity of our programs, and our ability to respond rapidly and effectively to new emergencies for years to come. To learn more, please visit our Multiyear Pledge Initiative page.