April 6, 2011 - 11:00pm

Join MSF staff for the latest field update on the fight against HIV/AIDS in Africa.

More than six million people are alive today thanks to an unprecedented global effort to provide HIV/AIDS treatment in developing countries. A decade on, the science leaves no doubt that providing HIV/AIDS treatment makes medical, moral, and economic sense: there have been fewer deaths, fewer people becoming sick from infections such as tuberculosis (TB), and most promising, there is evidence that shows people on HIV/AIDS treatment are nine times less likely to pass the virus on to others. Despite this evidence, the global fight against HIV/AIDS has never faced more of a threat.

During this live webcast, MSF staff will give you an insider’s look at how threats to funding come just at the moment that new technology, innovations, treatment models, and “game changers,” have the potential to possibly break the back of the epidemic by getting ahead of the wave of new infections. Participants will have a chance to ask* about the promising innovations in HIV/AIDS treatment and what’s at stake if funding cuts for HIV/AIDS treatment continue.

*Questions may be submitted during the event
through a live chat feature on the broadcast website.

The live panel discussion will feature:

  • Dr. Gilles van Cutsem, Medical Coordinator, Lesotho and South Africa, who has worked with MSF for the past decade in HIV and TB programs
  • Sharonann Lynch, HIV policy advisor for MSF, who has worked extensively on issues related to access to medicines, and spent several years working in HIV and TB projects in South Africa and Lesotho.