November 7, 2007 - 11:30am

A One Day Symposium on TB Field Diagnostics

Most tuberculosis patients only have access to inadequate tests developed over a century ago. With the rapid spread of TB among people living with HIV and the emergence of drug resistant forms of the disease, the inadequacies of our present diagnostic tools have become even more glaring.

This symposium aims to discuss how to improve current practices with the tools that exist today and to explore the implementation of emerging technologies and applications. Participants will also be invited to analyse the roadblocks holding up the development and implementation of improved TB/MDR-TB testing and contribute to developing strategies for challenging stakeholders to overcome these obstacles and put an end to the global neglect of these issues.


Three articles on how to develop urgently needed TB drugs have been published in PLoS Medicine, a peer-reviewed, open-access journal for important advances in all medical disciplines. All are freely accessible to use and redistribute without restriction by simply clicking on the links below. These articles originated from the MSF symposium "No Time to Wait: Overcoming the Gaps in TB Drug Development" in New York in January 2007, and specifically examine the TB drug pipeline, how to build TB trials capacity, and how to test drugs for multidrug-resistant TB.

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