Young girl rescued during a diplomatic standoff in the Mediterranean Sea
The 629 people currently onboard Aquarius were rescued during the night of Saturday to Sunday, when Aquarius carried out six rescue and transfer operations in the span of nine hours – all under instruction from the Italian Maritime Rescue Coordination (IMRCC). The rescue of 2 rubber boats turned critical when one boat broke apart in the darkness, leaving over 40 people in the water.
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Meet our donors

Michelle Zimmerman

MSF Legacy Society member

After making annual donations to Doctors Without Borders for many years, I wanted to have a larger impact. When it came time to prepare my will, I provided for a percentage of my estate to go to MSF.

I am inspired by the dedication of Doctors Without Borders’ aid workers, and their willingness to venture to the most remote and insecure parts of the world to deliver quality medical care to people in crisis.

I have been to some of the countries where MSF works, including Cameroon and Burkina Faso, as well as Togo, Benin, and Ghana. I’ve seen the needs of these populations and I know that MSF is ready to overcome any challenge that presents itself—for that reason I continue to contribute unconditionally to MSF.

I am very proud to be part of the MSF family.

Diane & Werner Grob

MSF Legacy Society members

We have always supported a number of humanitarian causes, but when we made out our will, we decided that it made the most sense to give to just a few humanitarian organizations that best represent our beliefs. Doctors Without Borders treats everyone, and is constantly working to ensure that children, mothers, and fathers get the care they need.

We are comfortable with MSF’s ratio of donations used for programs versus fundraising and administrative costs. Knowing that more than 85 cents of every dollar we give goes directly to saving lives and caring for the wounded and sick gives us the peace of mind we need to know that we are doing the right thing.

Wherever there is a need, Doctors Without Borders is there.