Burkina Faso: Treating Malnourished Children in the Northern Region

A baby having been screened with MUAC in an ambulatory site (Sarma), Yako District, May 2009. In September 2007 MSF launched a program for children suffering from acute malnutrition in the provinces of Passoré and Loroum in northern Burkina Faso.<br/> In 2008, 16 500 children were treated with a cure rate of 88%. To counter the impact of malaria on the mortality of young children during the annual seasonal peak of the disease, MSF has set up a specific response from mid-September to late December 2008, treating 10800 children with the disease.
Kazuma Momoi
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In response to chronically high rates of malnutrition in the Northern region of Burkina Faso, MSF launched nutrition programs there in September 2007, in the areas of Titao and Yako. As of June 2008, MSF had treated a total of 13,600 children under five years of age, and 90 percent of them had recovered. Here, MSF staff and parents of malnourished children speak describe the program.