A Preventable Fate: The Failure of HIV/AIDS Treatment in Myanmar

Refugies rohingyas (Myanmar). L’arrivee de refugies musulmans birmans, appeles Rohingyas, au Bangladesh a commence en mars 1991. Ces refugies ont dans un premier temps ete integres a la population locale. Entre decembre 1991 et septembre 2002 le nombre de ces refugies est passe de 1.500 a 280.000. Les sections France et Hollande de MSF ont pris en charge 9 camps de refugies.
John Vink/Magnum Photos
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Thousands of people are needlessly dying due to a severe lack of lifesaving HIV/AIDS treatment in Myanmar. Unable to continue shouldering the primary responsibility for responding to one of Asia’s worst HIV crises, MSF insists that the government of Myanmar and international organizations urgently and rapidly scale-up the provision of antiretroviral therapy (ART).