Reaching patients in South Sudan’s remote Old Fangak

Nyapa Bidit, a 4-month old girl, has been admitted for 11 days with a respiratory infection and malaria. Her mother carried her for 14 hours from the village of Paguir.
SOUTH SUDAN 2017 © Frederic NOY
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The area around Old Fangak in South Sudan has become an unlikely refuge for large numbers of displaced people fleeing conflict in other parts of the country. Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) provides essential medical care in this remote corner between the Phow and White Nile rivers, where the land becomes a giant swamp during the rainy season from May to October each year. 

MSF's hospital in Old Fangak is often the only place where people in the region can receive treatment for serious conditions. In this feature for Exposure, photographer Frédéric Noy documents the many challenges that patients and medical workers face in a difficult environment.