A timeline of crisis and conflict in Yemen

Faez Nasr is MSF watchman. He lives in Sa’ada city, nearby MSF office. He and his family used to share 2 houses next to each other. One night, he got awaken by a massive explosion. At first, he thought it was somewhere in the neighborhood but when he went out, he discovered his parents’ house had been destroyed. His father was injured, in the rubbles and his mother died while he was driving his father to the hospital.
YEMEN 2017 © Florian Seriex/MSF
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Since the war in Yemen escalated in March 2015, Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) has significantly expanded activities there. We have treated some 110,000 patients for cholera, delivered nearly 60,000 babies, and provided medical care to over 800,000 emergency room patients. This timeline shows how years of conflict have decimated the public health system and created a massive humanitarian crisis.