Video: How US policies are hurting refugees and asylum-seekers

A Honduran man holds a young child at La 72 shelter for migrants in Tenosique, Mexico, where MSF provides medical and psychosocial care for people making the difficult and dangerous journey north.
MEXICO 2014 © John Moore/Getty Images
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The United States government is increasingly turning its back on refugees and asylum-seekers. In this video, Jason Cone, executive director for Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) in the US, talks about the devastating impact of “zero tolerance” policies on vulnerable people forced to flee extreme violence and poverty. The administration is treating Central Americans seeking safety as if they are criminals. MSF runs projects in El Salvador, Honduras, and along the migration route in Mexico and sees firsthand the threats facing our patients. We are urging the US government to uphold the right to asylum and stop sending people back into danger. Seeking safety is not a crime.