Yemen: Lack of Fuel Prevents Access to Medical Care

Children and people in Khamer district, Amran govenorate fetching water as the fuel shortage caused the water trucks to not be able to provide water to the area. The current conflict has already caused extreme hardship for the "population across the country”, said Marie Elisabeth Ingres, who heads the MSF mission in Yemen. “The destruction of the Sana’a runway means that countless lives are now more at risk, and we can no longer afford to stand and watch as people are forced to drink unsafe water and children die of preventable causes, said Marie-Elisabeth Ingres, MSF head of mission.
Malak Shaher/MSF
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A fuel blockade in Yemen is preventing people from accessing humanitarian aid. Displaced people continue to flee their homes for safety in the town of Khamer, where Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is suporting the public hospital. But the lack of fuel means people cannot reach medical care and the consequences are disastrous. 

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