Displaced Syrians Cold and in Need in Idlib Province

Despite the current ceasefire agreement between Turkey and Russia, the nearly one million people who've been displaced in Syria’s northwestern Idlib province over the last months are still living in grim conditions. Many of them, like Abdullah Mohammed Al-Hasan and his family, are sheltering in overcrowded Deir Hassan camp, near the border with Turkey. People here are living in the freezing cold, often burning whatever they can to generate warmth, and they have little access to clean water, sanitation, and other essentials. On top of this, Mohammed has two broken vertebrae after his home collapsed on top of him during an airstrike; and his son is missing. "I don’t know if he was abducted. Nobody knows anything about him," he says. "The boy was providing for us, but now we don’t have any provider but God." Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is offering clean water, heating materials, and medical care to displaced people in the region, and we are planning to increase our activities. "I hope that God brings back my child," Mohammed says. "I hope that I can have physiotherapy again so that I can get up and provide for my children.