Mosul, one year on

One year since the conflict in Mosul officially ended, and the battle to rebuild the city and peoples’ lives is far from over. Large swaths of Mosul, particularly in the west, remain decimated. Some people with no other option have returned to Mosul and live in their damaged homes in poor hygiene conditions, often without water or electricity. Unexploded mines, booby traps, and other remnants of war are a constant threat. Access to healthcare is a daily struggle because the majority of hospitals were damaged in the conflict. In 2017, MSF worked in and around Mosul to provide lifesaving services for people caught in the violence. Currently, we run a hospital in west Mosul, specializing in maternity, pediatrics and emergency room services, and a surgery and post-operative care facility for war-wounded patients in east Mosul. In July, MSF will start providing mental health services in primary healthcare clinics in the east and west side of the city.