A simple idea to help millions with HIV

Read more here: http://bit.ly/1vtW7pB What if one simple idea could change the lives of millions of people living with HIV ? An idea as simple as: bringing treatment close to people’s homes. In Lesotho, ONE in FIVE adults is HIV positive. Some pregnant women walk up to five hours just to get the drugs that protect their baby from HIV. In South Africa, an HIV positive worker risks his job if he takes one day off every month to queue for hours just to get his pills. In Malawi, TWO out of THREE jobs in the health sector are vacant for lack of doctors and nurses. They struggle to provide daily treatment for one in ten HIV positive adults. Over 90% of people with HIV live in low and middle income countries. They need change. What if in Lesotho the neighbor of a pregnant woman could deliver her drugs to her? What if in South Africa the HIV positive worker could pick up his pills at a friend’s home? What if in Malawi doctors and nurses could delegate the drug distribution to groups of patients? Patient centered care is a simple idea. It’s about adapting health systems to the lives of the people, instead of adapting people’s lives to the system. A first step is to let people come together to solve their shared problem. You can help this idea grow. You can urge governments to support and fund this empowerment. Tweet. Talk. Share.