Our street canvassing team

Doctors Without Borders is building awareness and raising critical funds through person-to-person conversations on the street and at your door around the United States. Our partners at New Canvassing ExperienceAscenta Group, and GiveBridge are helping us fundraise in the following cities right now:

You’ll know us when you see us

You can easily identify our teams because they will always have a Doctors Without Borders lanyard & ID badge.

Why we’re doing it

Our Field Partners provide regular monthly support, enabling us to respond immediately and start saving lives when an emergency strikes. The financial independence we get from the contributions of private donors including our Field Partners means that we can choose freely where to operate based on medical need alone. It also allows us to decline government funding that may compromise the safety and impartiality of our programs. Becoming a member of our Field Partner monthly giving program is the easiest and most efficient way to give ongoing support that makes our emergency response possible.

Would you like to become a Field Partner to help us provide emergency medical care to the patients who need it most? We welcome you to join us.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact our Donor Services team:

Tel: 212.763.5797

Email: donations@newyork.msf.org