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Career opportunities & benefits

How we compensate our medical, paramedical and non-medical field staff

XDR-TB can be cured. The story of Phumeza Tisile.

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Candidates who are committed to a long-term career in humanitarian aid will be prioritized.

With MSF many fieldworkers enjoy the flexibility of being able to undertake assignments during different periods in their careers or as personal circumstances permit. Others determine that working with MSF is a way of life suited to their values and career aspirations over the long term. Our organization offers a vast array of long term career options with increasing responsibility, scope, and complexity over time and the opportunity to have an impact on the strategic direction of the organization at the management level. Our fieldworkers have a dedicated human resources officer who works with them to develop a career path.

If you are interested in learning more about how different field workers have built and maintain a career in humanitarian aid, please watch our YouTube playlist to see how to build a career with MSF.


MSF-USA is committed to the principles of equity, inclusion, and respect of diversity. As core principles inextricably linked to our success; equity, inclusion, and respect of diversity allow us to carry out our social mission and serve our patients.

MSF Field HR fosters diversity by embracing people of all races, ethnicities, national origins, genders, ages, religions, abilities, sexual orientations, and socioeconomic status.

The MSF-USA Field HR Recruitment Strategy reflects MSF-USA’s strong commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion to ensure a highly skilled and culturally competent workforce.

Click here to watch our recruitment information session for Black Returned Peace Corps Volunteers hosted by MSF Health Promoter Yoruba Mitchell in June 2020.

Professional development 

MSF is committed to the ongoing professional development of its field workers. It provides them with access to various types of training that build the skills and knowledge required to be effective in the field. This ensures that MSF as an organization can respond to the most urgent and critical needs of our patients, people who often require highly specialized types of expertise from medical and support professionals. Training programs can range from language training, to sophisticated medical treatments and protocols, to management and leadership best practices, and a variety of other possibilities relevant to the professional background and career aspirations of each individual.

Terms of employment

MSF offers a robust compensation and benefits package. Fieldworker salaries are set so as to reflect the humanitarian spirit of volunteerism while recognizing the high level of professional expertise provided by field staff. Starting gross monthly salary is $2,209, with subsequent increases based on expertise and experience. Americans working in the field with MSF receive a US letter of agreement in which all required taxes and contributions are deducted.

Benefits include:

  • Salary increase after 12 months in-field, and at regular intervals thereafter reflecting professional expertise, previous experience, and increasing levels of responsibility. 
  • Paid vacation (25 days per year)
  • Comprehensive Leave Package (Paid Parental Leave, FMLA, Paid Sick Leave)
  • Workers Compensation, Short & Long Term Disability coverage
  • 401k Retirement Plan
  • Life insurance & AD&D coverage                  
  • Employer paid medical, dental & vision insurance for employee (not dependents) 
  • Three-month extension of medical & dental insurance coverage post assignment
  • Psychosocial care support before and after mission
  • Access to Employee Assistance Program (Legal advice, tax advice, mental health services)
  • Confidential peer support network

Additional benefits

  • Student Loan Forgiveness Program: Employment with MSF is considered Public Service and therefore qualifies for student loan forgiveness eligibility via the US Government’s Public Service Loan Forgiveness program (PSLF). 

Primary costs covered

  • Pre-departure induction and training
  • Reimbursement of mission-specific vaccinations
  • Required visas and work permits
  • Round-trip transportation to the field
  • Accommodation in the field
  • Daily per diem in local currency while in the field
  • Briefings and debriefings before and after assignments
  • Medical evacuation coverage