Financial administrators

Financial administrators are responsible for bookkeeping, budget control, financial reporting, and HR management for international and local staff

Expat Admin Pratiwi Sutowo, from Indonesia, working in the MSF office in Kailahun, Sierra Leone.
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As a financial administrator working with Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF), you can help to ensure access to lifesaving healthcare for people in need. MSF financial administrators plan, centralize, coordinate, and supervise the financial management and financial administration in the project and/or mission.

Responsibilities include budget control and financing, project planning, managing international and locally-hired staff, financial and salary administration, and financial report writing. Financial administrators also develop local administrative procedures in order to provide accurate, transparent, and reliable financial information to the organization and third parties. Financial administrators represent MSF and have occasion to cooperate with national authorities on relevant issues.


  • Must meet general requirements
  • Minimum commitment of 9-12 months
  • Experience with:
    -  Accounting
    -  Auditing
    -  Budgeting and financial planning
    -  Financial reporting
     Employee payroll and benefits


  • Advanced degree in accounting, business administration, or other related area
  • Tax compliance matters
  • Familiarity with human resources procedures
  • Ability to understand and function in different legal environments
  • Conversational French and/or Arabic

How to apply