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MSF doctors are saving lives on Doctors Day and every day

Explore the stories of Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) teams who are facing emergencies around the globe—and how you can support them.

The MSF team in Abyei, South Sudan.

South Sudan 2023 © Sean Sutton/Panos Pictures

Doctors Day is marked on March 30 to celebrate the work of doctors and medical workers everywhere. The celebration originates in 1842, when March 30 was the date that a patient was first given general anesthesia in surgery.

Today, MSF is marking Doctors Day by honoring the work our doctors do to save lives around the world—even as crises like war, conflict, natural disasters, and disease outbreaks challenge our work at every turn.

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Saving Lives Amid Crisis

Doctors Without Borders is on the ground facing enormous challenges — to patients, to staff, and to our ability to provide medical care.

Watch our urgent video to hear from doctors about what they’re seeing on the ground
The MSF team in Abyei, South Sudan.

Fund Doctors Working Around the World

Our doctors save lives in over 70 countries thanks to the support of our donors. MSF-USA is entirely funded by independent donors, meaning we can go where the medical needs are greatest. 

Make your Doctors Day donation today so we can continue our lifesaving work around the world

A Doctor’s Day in the Life

Follow in MSF psychologist Alisa’s footsteps as she and her colleagues provide care for patients just miles from the frontlines of the war in Ukraine.

Explore our immersive digital experience to see the world through an MSF doctor’s eyes

One Doctor’s Testimony from Gaza: “An Emergency Like I’ve Never Seen”

Dr. Ed Chu went to Gaza in December 2023 to provide urgent medical support to our Palestinian colleagues. What he witnessed was a deepening humanitarian disaster.

Read more about his story

Sending Notes of Gratitude to Our Doctors

This Doctors Day, we’re sharing heartfelt notes of gratitude from MSF supporters to doctors working around the world to save lives. 

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More news & stories

February 10 12:35 PM

“Mom, can we leave Gaza now? I really just want to live.”

Dr. Ruba*, a mother and MSF doctor in Gaza describes daily life and the emotional toll of four months of war.

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A displaced Palestinian family sheltering in a makeshift camp in southern Gaza.

February 27 08:50 AM

Healing hands: A Sudanese doctor's account

“I am constantly haunted by the question of how to fulfill this duty in the absence of sufficient resources and personnel.”

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Dr. Mohammad Bashir holds an MSF flag with others in Sudan.

December 14 11:14 AM

A surgeon’s journey from war-torn Baghdad to healing lives in Amman

Dr. Rasheed Fakhri on rebuilding lives—and hope—after two decades of turmoil in Iraq.

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Dr. Rasheed Fakhri, an MSF surgeon, performs surgery with two colleagues in Amman, Jordan.