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Take action to help end this pandemic for all

Sign the global vaccine equity petition

A frontline health worker at a nursing home In Chlifa Baalbak, Lebanon, receives a COVID-19 vaccine supplied by the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health and administered by an MSF medical team.

Lebanon 2021 © Tariq Keblaoui

This pandemic won’t be over for anyone until it’s over for everyone, everywhere. That’s why Doctors Without Borders is calling for COVID-19 vaccines to be distributed fairly and equitably to people all over the world on the basis of need—not profits.

We’re calling on the Biden administration to do more to ensure global vaccine equity. Here’s what you can do to help give everyone a shot.


The US must seize this chance to act in the interest of people everywhere who continue to live in constant fear of contracting COVID-19—instead of backing companies that are trying to protect their profits.

Dr. Carrie Teicher, Director of Programs, MSF-USA

1. Spread the word on vaccine equity

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The issue: Stark inequity in access to vaccines 

Though half of all Americans (50 percent) are now fully immunized against COVID-19, only 1 percent of people living in low-income countries have received at least one dose of the vaccine.

Source: The Economist, February 16, 2022

Countries across Africa, for example, are facing another devastating wave of the disease, yet only 1.5 percent of the vaccines administered worldwide have reached people there. This stark inequity in access to vaccines is a direct threat to people at high risk of contracting COVID-19, and is enabling new virus variants to take hold.

Doctors Without Borders is on the ground in many of these countries providing support to local health authorities responding to the pandemic while keeping our existing medical programs up-and-running. But our efforts alone cannot end this pandemic.

That’s why we’re calling on the Biden Administration to do more to ensure access to COVID-19 vaccines for people everywhere.

Our solution to help end the COVID-19 pandemic

To help end this pandemic for everyone, everywhere, we have four demands for the Biden Administration:

  1. Commit to sharing more COVID-19 vaccine doses as quickly and widely as possible.
  2. Help scale up capacity for mRNA vaccine manufacturing around the world.
  3. Remove intellectual property barriers that limit our ability to develop the vaccines and medicines needed to end this pandemic.
  4. Pull back the curtain to reveal how pharmaceutical corporations spend taxpayer dollars to bring vaccines and other medical tools to market.

To make sure our call for vaccine equity is heard, we need our supporters to raise their voices together.