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90% of our funding comes from individual donors. Learn how you can support MSF’s lifesaving care with a gift.

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Support refugees seeking safety this World Refugee Day

Doctors Without Borders is providing vital medical aid and essential services to people forced from home due to war, violence, and persecution.

Sudanese women and their unwavering determination to protect their families

From Gaza to Sudan to Ukraine, Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) teams are working to provide lifesaving medical aid to people who’ve been forced from home and are fleeing to safety.

One-hundred and ten million people have been forcibly displaced and facing immense challenges—from a lack of access to basic care, to restrictive policies that prevent them from finding a safe place to go. MSF is responding by providing vital medical care, mental health support, and other essentials.

Help save lives.

Make your World Refugee Day donation today so we can continue our lifesaving work around the world.

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Our care is Without Borders

What does it mean to provide care Without Borders?  Find out by watching our new video and learn how MSF is delivering critical medical aid across boundaries and borders.

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Rotation 6 Rescue 3 Disembarkation - Brakhado* and Aeden* Story

Know the facts about the refugee crisis?

True or false: There are more people forcibly displaced today than any other time in modern history. Take the quiz and test your knowledge about the worldwide refugee crisis by answering these five questions.

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A Palestinian child fetches water from a distribution point in Rafah, Gaza.

Alert Summer 2024: Connecting Threads

Displacement, conflict, and the human stories that link us

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MSF staff members walk across a flooded area in South Sudan

Support refugees around the globe

The refugee crisis is growing, and our staff are able to support people who’ve been forced from home and others in need thanks to the support of our donors. MSF USA is entirely funded by independent donors, meaning we can go where the medical needs are greatest—even when others can’t or won’t. Make your World Refugee Day donation today so we can continue our lifesaving work around the world.

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Stories from the ground

June 05 07:22 AM

Refugees, migrants, asylum seekers, and IDPs: What’s the difference?

Whether due to war, political persecution, natural disasters, or poverty, millions of people are on the move across the world.

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A child stands next to a caregiver on the deck of a search and rescue ship.

April 19 10:39 AM

Italy: Charges dropped against rescues at sea

Though the court ruling sweeps away seven years of falsehoods, attacks on humanitarian search and rescue operations continue.

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MSF search and rescue teams rescue migrants from a capsized boat in the Central Mediterranean.

March 14 10:50 AM

How European policies choose violence against migrants and refugees

EU policies are denying safety and protection to refugees and migrants, while promoting systematic brutality.

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Disembarkation 2 - Rotation 53

March 04 10:44 AM

Left to Drown: Distress calls unanswered in the Mediterranean

After repeated distress calls from the Central Mediterranean last year, survivor accounts depict multiple failures to conduct rescues.

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Comic illustration of a boat carrying people in the Mediterranean Sea.

February 21 11:57 AM

In Chad, refugees from Sudan cope with limited aid

Growing needs are putting a strain on Chad's limited resources and fragile health infrastructure as refugees and returnees flee from Sudan.

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MSF staff triage patients at Daguessa refugee camp in Chad.