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Old Fangak Stories



Underreported Emergencies: Aid Against the Odds

Old Fangak Stories


December 06, 2018

8:00PM-9:30PM ET

Event type: Live online


From conflict zones in Yemen and South Sudan to refugee camps in Bangladesh and Nigeria and along the migration routes through Central America and Mexico, Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) teams are assisting some of the world’s most vulnerable people. In today’s hectic news cycle, humanitarian emergencies often go underreported, and there is little sustained attention to the challenges facing people caught in harm’s way. Join MSF staff in this unique look behind the headlines to discuss some of the most urgent crisis situations and medical needs, and how teams are making an impact despite daunting odds.

This webcast will provide an opportunity to engage directly with MSF aid workers and operations staff who will discuss their first-hand experiences providing medical care and advocating on behalf of the communities we serve.

At the time of the event, tune in to our webcast below.

Moderator Michael Goldfarb, MSF-USA communications director.

Kerri Kelly has served as a project coordinator and head of mission for MSF over the past ten years. Her field work includes assignments in South Sudan, Malawi, Uganda, and Georgia. Most recently, she managed MSF's emergency operations in Nigeria, including projects in the northeast most affected by ongoing conflict between the Boko Haram armed group and military forces.

Mike White has been working with MSF since 2004. He worked in the field from 2007–2013 in South Sudan, eastern Ethiopia, and northern Nigeria. Since 2014, Mike has been a deputy operations manager, supervising missions in South Sudan, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, and Chad. Currently Mike is managing operations in South Sudan, Liberia, and Haiti.

Lindis Hurum is a project coordinator who has completed over twenty assignments with MSF in countries such as Central African Republic, Haiti, Pakistan, Liberia, and Lebanon, as well as managing search and rescue operations in the Mediterranean Sea. Lindis first joined MSF in 2006 after leaving a career as a TV producer in her home country of Norway. 

Underreported Emergencies webcast