MSF Supports Iraqi Hospitals

Following violent clashes in Baghdad, Basra, Babel, and neighboring provinces, an influx of wounded patients has flooded hospitals in those areas. Medical facilities are experiencing shortages of the materiel and medicines required to treat emergency patients.

In northern Iraq, the cities of Mosul and Kirkuk are also in the grip of violence and the situation is extremely tense and unstable. Hospitals are unable to respond appropriately to the influx of wounded patients and to treat the most seriously wounded.

80 Tons Shipped

MSF is supporting several hospitals in Baghdad and the conflict areas in northern and southern Iraq. Nearly 80 tons of medical supplies are currently in transit. Antibiotics, anesthetics, surgical equipment, dressings, suture kits, single-use medical supplies, and medicines have been sent to hospitals treating patients in the areas where violence is occurring.

  • Six tons of materiel and medicine have already been distributed to Baghdad hospitals
  • 29 tons have been distributed to the Anbar hospital
  • Two tons have been distributed in Nassiriyah
  • Six tons have been distributed in Wassit
  • Three tons have been distributed in Babel
  • Two tons have been distributed to the Basra hospital
  • Approximately 30 tons are also en route to the Baghdad conflict zone.

MSF Programs to Assist Iraqis

Since 2006, MSF has set up range of activities. Surgical teams are working in two hospitals in northern Iraq. MSF is also running two reparative surgery projects, based in Jordan and Iran, for Iraqis wounded in the conflict. 

MSF has also prepositioned emergency medical supplies in the event of an influx of people who have been wounded and/or displaced following recurring conflict at the Iraq-Turkey border.

Last, approximately 12 hospitals in central and northern Iraq are receiving medicine and medical equipment. MSF is training hospital staff and has established mental health programs in eight hospitals in central and northern Iraq.