Out of fear: Rohingya youth trapped in violence and despair

Watch the new documentary on what Rohingya youth are facing.

Profile of a young Rohingya woman in a green headscarf in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh 2023 © MSF

Six years after being forced from their homes by extreme violence in Myanmar, Rohingya refugees in neighboring Bangladesh are trapped in the camps where they first sought safety. Hope for a safe return home has faded, conditions in the camps are poor and deteriorating, and their situation is not expected to improve.

The United Nations body responding to the needs of around 900,000 Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh is providing less and less humanitarian assistance. Rohingya people's movements are restricted and tightly controlled, while fighting between groups for territory in the camps has led to violence and killings.

The reality in the camps—rampant violence, no access to jobs, limited education, inadequate food and health care—affects young people in a particularly destructive way. This documentary looks at what youth in the Rohingya camps are facing now.