Pushing for greater access to health care and essential medicines

Treating Burn and Trauma Victims in Haiti

HAITI 2018 © Spencer Platt/Getty Images

This article is part of the Winter 2018 issue of Alert—2018: The Year in Photos—featuring some of the most striking images and stories from our work around the world.

Whether trapped behind the front lines of a conflict, living in conditions of extreme poverty, or marginalized by discrimination or neglect, many people around the world have trouble accessing health services. In 2018 our teams brought quality, lifesaving care to the patients who need it most, and advocated for greater access to drugs, vaccines, and diagnostics.


Help save lives


UKRAINE 2018 © Kenny Karpov

Four years of conflict in eastern Ukraine have severely altered the lives of people living near the front lines. MSF mobile clinics provide primary health and psychological care to the elderly residents of isolated villages. 

UKRAINE 2018 © Kenny Karpov


In Haiti, where quality health care is unaffordable for most people, we provide free care at Drouillard Center, the country’s sole specialized burn center.

Worldwide, our Access Campaign continued to fight for greater access to and investment in treatments for patients living with diseases like tuberculosis (TB) and HIV/AIDS.

HAITI 2018 © Spencer Platt/Getty Images

South Africa

SOUTH AFRICA 2018 © Oliver Petrie/MSF

MSF works alongside the health ministry to provide a range of integrated HIV and TB care in Khayelitsha, South Africa. This project has successfully increased access to newer treatments for patients with drug-resistant TB.


Eswatini 2018 © Fanny Hostettler/MSF

Eswatini (formerly Swaziland) has among the world's highest rates of HIV, affecting roughly one in three adults. MSF is using innovative approaches to fight HIV and TB and ensure that people have greater access to treatment.