Sign-On Letter: Even War Has Rules

Andrew Quilty/Oculi


Mrs. Emily Peeples  

Ms. Marlene O'Connor  

Ms. Margaret Taylor  

Mr. Robert Edsall

Dr. Kim Lloyd, Professor  

Mr. Edward Block  

Mr. Rich Shull  

Dr. Oleg Ardashov, N.N. Vorozhtsov Novosibirsk Institute of Organic Chemistry, Russia

Nada Haddad, ASD

Ms. Julie Killeen

Ms. Amanda Entrikin, Humanitarian Affairs Researcher, MSF-USA

Ms. Alicia Yamin, Lecturer on Law and Global Health, Harvard University

Dr. Stephen Marks, Professor, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

David Hoerl

Mr. Mark Boudreau  

Mrs. Jennifer Deathe, Registered Nurse, William Osler Health System

Ms. Janice Comaskey  

Dr. Indi Trehan  

Susan Peek  

Ms. Katherine Devine, Grad Fellow, UN Global Compact

Mr. Mark St. John

Ms. Acacia Handel, The Draft

Dr. Lucy Doyle  

Mrs. Jacquie Campbell  

Roberta Christoffersen

Dr. Monica Briones, MD, First Choice Community Health Care

Cindy Wagner, Scientist

Ms. Kelley Armendariz, RN

Laura Fisher Alvarez

Mrs. Maria Elena Mesa

Karina Kraenzle

Ms. Phyllis Brown, RN

Ms. Beril Arica MD (to be), Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty

Dr. Unni Karunakara, Senior Fellow, Jackson Institute for Global Affairs, Yale University

Sallie Hoge  

John Hadgipetros   

Mr. Michael Hubler  

Kathleen Dieden  

Ms. Lauren Schrubbe  

Dr. Robert Lawrence, Professor, Johns Hopkins University

Ms. Norma McDowell  

Dr. Narayan Rajan  

Ms. Lilian Muzychka  

Mr. Tony May, Professor of Art Emeritus (retired)

Joan Guido  

Michael E. Piston

Dr. Michael VanRooyen, Director, Harvard Humanitarian Initiative

Mr. Joel Strouss

Ms. Janice Dallas  

Dr. Lisa Schirch, Director of Human Security Alliance for Peacebuilding   

Mr. Paul Andersen

Ms. Sharon Mengersen, MS

Mr. Phillip Stacy  

Mr. David Wiebe  

Ginger Gooch  

Saleem Hasan  

Kim Tucker  

Ms. Janet  Foley

Ms. Janine Bezuidenhoudt

Mr. Randy Stillman  

Ms. JoAnn Cowan  

Julie Porter  

Dr. Lisa Hajjar, Professor of Sociology, UCSB

Ms. Deborah Kaba  

Ms. Laura Peck, RN (retired)

Sabrina Stadler  

Mr. Martin Cleary, RN

Dr. Dirk Salomons, Director, Humanitarian Track, Columbia University, SIPA

Neville  Strumpf, MS

Dr. Olga Shevchenko, Associate Professor of Sociology, Williams College

Dr. Harold Bershady, Professor Emeritus, University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Nicholas Christakis, Professor of Medicine, Yale University

Ms. Anne Fadiman Francis, Writer-in-Residence, Yale University

Dr. Renee Fox, Annenberg Professor Emerita of the Social Sciences, University of Pennsylvania

Ms. Sharon R.  

Mrs Judith Watkins  

Ms. Lisa Evans  

Ms. Deepa Pendse, RN, Johns Hopkins Hospital

Dr. Judith Swazey, Adjunct Professor, Boston University Schools of Medicine & Public Health

Mrs. Pamela Bump, PhD, Trinity Episcopal Church

Mr. Hartmut Brandenburg, MSF

Dr. Emilio Parrado, Professor, University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Allen Glicksman, Director of Research, Philadelphia Corporation for Aging

Dr. Peter Kountz, Reverend, Doctor, Episcopal Priest

Ms. Helen Thompson

Emily Friedman, Independent Health Policy and Ethics Analyst

William Whitworth  

Ms. Rosa Pietroiusti

Ms. Gail Kotel                   

Maryann Burgoyne, RN Manager, Sisters of Mercy

Anita Ortiz                          

Dr. Nancy Bauer                              

Dr. Jonathan Imber, Professor of Sociology, Wellesley College

Dr. Arnold Eiser, Professor of Medicine, Drexel University College of Medicine

Wendy Cadge, Professor of Sociology, Brandeis University

Dr. Donald Light, Professor, Rowan University

Emiko Ohnuki-Tierney,  Professor, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Dr. Vani Kulkarni, University of Pennsylvania

Howard Hurtig, MD, University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Arthur Kleinman, MD, Professor of Anthropology & Psychiatry, Harvard University

Frank Domurad, Independent Scholar

Micaella Verro, Assistant Director of Health Programs, Erie Neighborhood House

Angeli Rawat, PhD

Dr. Sally Bisch, former Regional Nsg. Advisor, WHO South-East Asia Region

Dr. Fatoumata Sangare

Ms. Kimberly Schoelen                 

Dr. Ernest Drucker, Professor, John Jay College CUNY

Dr. Kristen Yee  

Rachel M. Cohen, Regional Executive Director, Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative (DNDi) North America

Dr. Melvin Horwith, Physician (retired)

Ms. Hanna Papanek, Independent Scholar (retired)

Ximena Silva Morales, Foreign MD, Colombia

Paul Gellert, Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Tennessee

Mr. James Williams, Medical Student     

Dr. Franklin Baer, International Health Systems Consultant, Baertracks

Dr. Joseph Munitiz, Research Fellow, Birmingham University

Dr. Merlin Willcox, University of Oxford

Mrs. Lauren Fink, MPH, Peace Corps

Dr. Ewa Morawska, Professor, University of Pennsylvania/Emerita

Mr. Joseph Lawrence, Epidemiology Fellow, CDC

Dr. David Fitch, Statistician, Landivar University

Ms. Simone Bateman    

Ms. Elizabeth Fullerton                 

Dr. Michael Klag, Dean, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Mrs. Amanda Cunningham                         

Jill Blumenthal                

Dr. Bill Wiist, Professor (retired)               

Dr. Lloyd Wasserman, MD, NYU School of Medicine

Jane Hurley                  

Ms. Donna McKay, Executive Director, Physicians for Human Rights

Susan Joan Mauriello, USC Keck School of Medicine

Mr. Victor Lidz, Professor Emeritus, Drexel College of Medicine

Dr. Marco Seandel, Assistant Professor, Weill Cornell Medical College

Dr. Christopher Hill, Professor, Brown University

Dr. Adeya Powell, Research Associate, Yale University

Ms. Hilla Sang

Mr. Stephen Lewis, Former Canadian Ambassador to the United Nations

Ms. Lea Urita  

Mr. Shon Deen, MPH, Walden University

Ms. Margaret Anderson, Writer

Ms. Lois Whitman, Board Member, Physicians for Human Rights

Dr. Kerry Sulkowicz, Vice Chair of the Board, Physicians for Human Rights

Dr. Marion Bergman, MD, PHR

Dr. Adele Clarke, Professor Emerita, UC San Francisco

Dr. Deborah Ascheim, Board Chair, Physicians for Human Rights

Beth Linker, Professor, University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Ksenia Gorbenko, The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice

Mr. Charles Parsons, Professor Emeritus, Harvard University

Ms. Marjorie Parsons  

Dr. Paul Cleary, Dean, Yale School of Public Health

Dr. John Finnegan, Professor & Dean, School of Public Health, University of Minnesota

Dr. G. Thomas Chandler, Dean and Professor, Arnold School of Public Health, University of South Carolina

Dr. Philip Nasca, Dean, SUNY Albany School of Public Health

Dr. Jay Maddock, Dean, Texas A&M University

Dr. Paul Brandt-Rauf, Dean, UIC SPH

Dr. Jane Clark, Dean, University of Maryland

Dr. Max Michael, Dean, UAB School of Public Health

Iron roofing and rubble litter a corridor in the MSF Kunduz Trauma Centre as the facility lies destroyed following the 03 October aerial attack which killed 22 staff and patients in northern Afghanistan. The bomb blasts were so strong that the corrugated iron roof caved in here in the blood laboratory corridor, and elsewhere in the hospital building.
Andrew Quilty/Oculi