Surviving flooding in South Sudan: “We are suffering a lot”

Over 835,000 people have been affected by the worst floods in decades in South Sudan. Nyatuak Koang is one of them. She was displaced by the flooding in Unity state, and now lives in a makeshift camp in Rubkona town with her five children. Every day she walks through the submerged part of town, where she spends hours fetching wood as she sieves through debris. Collecting firewood is a source of income, as well as used for cooking.

“When we were affected by water the first time, we moved to where it was dry. Then the water reached us again and we moved to another dry place,” said Nyatuak. “We don’t have anywhere to sleep and we don’t have material to cover our house. This is how we’re currently living. We are suffering a lot.”

Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) runs a hospital in the Bentiu camp for internally displaced people and our teams are running mobile clinics that visit camps in and around the Mayom region, Bentiu, and Rubkona, responding to malaria, malnutrition, and acute watery diarrhea.